What to do when your ice maker quits making ice

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Having ice all set whenever you desire or require it is a high-end we all take for granted, that is, up until you reach to get some ice from the freezer and there is none.

Ice makers can fall short. It’s an unfortunate reality of having a refrigerator with an ice maker.
On the brilliant side, ice makers are additionally fairly simple devices that, essentially, all operate similarly. And also you might be able identify as well as repair a defective ice maker yourself before handing over cash money for a pricey service call.

Here’s just how to repair some common ice maker issues

When ice is not being made

It means your ice maker is receiving water and also the issue most likely isn’t with the water supply if you discover ice inside the ice mold. Instead, it’s more than likely a mechanical or electric issue.


When relocating things around in the refrigerator freezer, it’s not uncommon to inadvertently nudge the control arm into the off position, which halts production of ice.

To deal with it:

This is a very easy fix. Situate the steel control arm as well as relocate it to the down or on placement.


If the control arm is in the on (down) setting and the mold is loaded with ice, the trouble likely lies with the motor, transmission or electric link.

To deal with it:

Start by ensuring all electrical links are correctly seated. Slide the fridge out from the wall, turn off the water supply shutoff and also disconnect it from power. Situate the fast release plug on the back wall surface inside the refrigerator freezer. Unplug the connection and also reconnect it to guarantee it’s fully attached.

By hand get rid of any type of remaining ice from the mold by adding some warm water and also letting it sit for a minute. The ice will begin to melt and need to be simpler to eliminate.

Restore power to the refrigerator as well as lift the control arm to the off setting. Lower the control arm pull back as well as await about 10 secs for the solenoid to engage and fill up the mold and mildew with water.

If the ice now ejects, wait three to four hours for the ice to see and also ice up. If not, it’s likely that you will certainly require to change the electric motor or gearbox.

When it’s not making ice in all

If your ice maker isn’t producing ice whatsoever or is creating cubes that are smaller sized than usual, it’s usually a sign of a clog somewhere along the water supply line.


A typical reason for an obstruction is icy water in the line.

Fill a turkey baster with warm water and also pour the water over the water line. You can defrost the water line with a hair dryer or by allowing the refrigerator rest unplugged for upward of 2 hours.

Restore power to the refrigerator as well as listen for the water to load the ice mold and mildew.

Seek advice from with a specialist for assistance removing the obstruction if the clog is anything but clear.


There is also a possibility that the water filter for the ice maker is obstructed.


Replace the water as well as find filter. Filters for ice manufacturers are generally situated inside the refrigerator (to keep them from cold).

When cubes are little or as well large


If the ice cubes are also large or there is no blockage as well as they’re still too little, chances are, the ice maker simply requires a little adjustment.

To deal with it:

To change just how much water the ice mold is full of each cycle, first get rid of the cover from the ice maker. It’s the white plate on the frontmost component of the ice maker assembly as well as it must carry out rather easily. Utilize a level head screwdriver to delicately pry it away from the unit if you’re having problem removing it.

Under the cover, you must see a screw and also spring settinging, in addition to a plus as well as minus indication. This regulates the dosing for water. Screw in (toward the minus icon) to lower the amount of water per dosage and out (toward the and also) to boost the amount of water per dosage.

If after following these steps you cannot clear the problem you may need an ice maker service call in Edmond Oklahoma so call Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 or you can visit our website at https://edmondappliancerepair.net.

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